History of our kennel



Autor: seymon


We have had 8 litters with 23 puppies. Some of them are successful in dogdancing or agility. They have their owners in the Czech Republic and abroad too.
Two our puppies are new members of our kennel � "Tory" and "Gani".
There are two shelties with the title Interchampion � "Twist�k" and "Ivinka".



It was founded on 14th January in 2004 and named after me exactly after my surname.
I got married a beloved man more than 25 years ago, he is intelligent, kind and sincere with the sence of humor. We have lived together more than a quarter a century with love, tolerance and understanding.
In 2000 a new member became a part of our family � it was gold Old Shetland Sheepdog � shetie. It accepted all standards of our partnership and started to be a part of it.
I wish all shelties called Fort Fox were in its praise.